ATCEV Certification Curriculum for Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Stalking, Strangulation, Dating Violence, Sex Trafficking, Technology Safety, Forensic Interviewing, Ethics and Research for Tribal Advocates and Tribal Program Development.

ATCEV is offering an online resource for tribal advocates and tribal programs to develop common standards of response to…




The need for an American Indian/ Alaska Native based curriculum with online availability for new and seasoned tribal advocates has been a gap in the service delivery system for many decades… There does not exist a comprehensive, online, competency- based, Native/Tribal Certification Program that fills the gap for not only providing a background and foundation for doing anti violence work/anti oppression work, but also to increase skill and knowledge development for a variety of paraprofessionals and professionals working in Indian Country (social services, health care, law enforcement, court personnel, child care workers, tribal councils and governance bodies, program managers, domestic violence and sexual assault advocates, program supervisors, victim witness coordinators, child custody evaluators etc.). The newly developed curriculum and online access will provide information about various approaches and best practices in our tribal communities on issues related to ending violence against American Indian and Alaska Native women and children.

Standard -setting in Indian Country is non-existent.
Many Tribes operate as individual governmental structures and may not engage with their off reservation counterparts.
Between tribes and tribal programs there may be services that are designed specifically for that population, with all the dynamics and challenges faced daily by Native people. A standardized model of Native Advocacy could serve as a basis offering best practices in Indian Country and Alaska.